Take A STAND For Health, Confidence & Empowerment! 

Do you envy other women who seem to have Unstoppable Confidence?

Confidence seems to be an elusive quality.....How do you get more of it? How do you wear confidence, as if it was exotic perfume?

It turns out that body posture determines mood, confidence and state of mind. When we lead wih the body, everything else follows in a BIG way. So, what determines Success and Impact is your ability to stand in your own You-ness. Your unique essence qualities get telegraphed, magnified and highly visible when you are aligned with your physical design.  

The world is waiting and starving for your unique gifts and perspectives. I mean, have you ever wanted to step out onto a stage and feel like you OWN it? You know that feeling of Unapologetic Space Command – not in that masculine James Bond way, but deeply embedded in Who-You-Are in a Feminine way?  

What’s it like to step into your POWER as a Feminine Leader? 

What quality do you need to magnify to have you:

  • Lead your team boldly
  • Stand on the stage with a new Radiant Confidence
  • Ask for the Sale with ease
  • Have the tough conversations with your team, clients, family or kids
  • Never be a "VICTIM" again
  • “Seen” as a Contender for Promotions/Opportunities/Leadership
  • Enter a networking room with Big Players thinking… "Who IS that Woman?"

Imagine a magic Pill that suddenly transforms your level of CONFIDENCE and at the same time, banishes your insecurities! Would you take it? I would.  

But wait… you don’t have to go searching for a pill that does that... All you have to do is learn how to Align your body and Voilà! You step into instant awesomeness. 

Embody the Goddess is a weekend Event (Friday evening to Sunday) that teaches that very learnable skill of Being comfortable in your own skin! 

Thank you for your interest. Please Contact Erin Burch at Erin@TheBurchMethod.com if you are interested in learning more. 

Date to be determined.  

 At this event, you will:

  • Learn the Transformational Power of Posture
  • Master essential paradigm shifts that lead to Longevity, Freedom and Agelessness
  • Connect with your body's Genius System for alchemizing tension.
  • Participate in experiential Rituals to ground into the Embodiment of your Natural Greatness. 

VIP Tickets

When you register to be a VIP guest, you will receive a healthy, organic lunch and ritual on both Saturday and Sunday. And hands-on time with Erin pertaining to your specific body issues.....Who wouldn't want that?!! 

For VIP registration, contact Erin at Erin@TheBurchMethod.com

Embody The Goddess Event  

Date to be determined

What are Goddesses Saying?

Your Facilitator, Erin Burch Founder of The Burch Method

Erin Burch, also know as 'The Body Whisperer" and Founder of The Burch Method, quite simply, gives you your body back. Her committment is firmly entrenched in helping women become the best version of themselves. With the techniques of The Burch Method, she transforms and transcends her clients posture, aligment, presence and movement. 

Erin's fascination with healing, took her from her roots as a Physical Therapist, to in-depth yoga, to reversing an impossible, painful situation in her own body. She draws on your Body's Blueprint to create profound, lasting and phenomenal results. Erin’s fresh, youthful and engaging speaking approach, combined with her deep wealth of knowledge will redefine your relationship with your body.

Have questions or want to learn more, 

email Erin Burch at Erin@TheBurchMethod.com.